Enspire Studio is a 3D animation studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia, founded by two individuals who has been in the CG industry for years.

Their portfolio on feature films includes : Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen, Iron Man 1 and 2, Star Trek, Terminator : Salvation, Sanctum, Priest, and Rango and many others.

We deliver world-class Cinematics, Animations, TV Series and Commercials.


  • 3D Cinematics & Trailers
  • TV Series
  • Commercials
  • 3D Animation for Short Film
  • 3D Animation for Feature Film
  • 3D Animation for Book Trailer
  • 3D Animation service for music video
  • 3D creation for Interactive content
  • Outsourcing service for High quality 3D modeling, texturing and rendering

Enspire School of Digital Arts (ESDA)

Besides the Enspire Studio as our core, we also have another division called ESDA (Enspire School of Digital Arts) which is a 3D School/Training currently already producing more than 1500 graduates.

These graduates from ESDA is fully capable and ready to work in the industry as well as in our studio which allow Enspire Studio to take big projects or multiple projects which requires a lot of man hours.

For more information about our school please visit : www.esda.co.id